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8 California Gay Strip Bars


  • 201 9th Street, San Francisco, California
  • Phone: (415) 255-2742

Condor Club

  • 560 Broadway, San Francisco, California
  • Phone: (415) 781-8222

Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club

  • 980 Market Street, San Francisco, California
  • Phone: (415) 771-6259

Dick's Last Resort

  • 4700 Highway 17 South, Sunset Beach, South Carolina
  • Phone: (843) 272-7794

Esta Noche

  • 3079 16th Street, San Francisco, California
  • Phone: (415) 861-5757

Logan Square

  • Chicago, Chicago Park,
  • Phone:


  • 119 Utah St, San Francisco, California
  • Phone: (415) 762-0151

The Golden Lion

  • 2520 Lincoln Boulevard, Port Hueneme Cbc Base,
  • Phone: (310) 827-6600 - (310) 827-6616